Multi-lock Steel Doors

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  • They are Soundproof, Shockproof, provide Thermal Insulation and are very difficult to open by drilling or “prying open”
  • They are manufactured with Cold rolled Steel Sheets & Stainless Steel Sheets, all doors come complete with the door built into the frame, a multi-locking quality lock with extra set of keys to change the master locking combination in the event of “Key Loss”




Steel doors are manufactured with:

» “Heat Transfer Print” which gives it a natural wood grain finish
» Powder Coated for the added lifespan
» UV Protected for All Weather Application
» Stainless Steel for All Weather Application, Added Strength, & Elegance
» The door leaf thickness varies from 50mm to 70m
» The steel plate thickness varies from 0.5mm to 1.00mm for the door leaf and1.00mm to 2.00mm for the door frame
» All doors have High Quality concealed Hinges, Multi-locking locks and Door handles with rubber seals.
» 180o Viewer Peepholes and built-in doorbells are standard in some models
» All Doors are ISO9001 Certified