Access Control


>Multi-user capability

Some of these access control  keypads can take up to 1000 unique pin codes with any user-defined length from one to ten digits.

>Selective add & delete

User codes can also be selectively deleted without affecting other access control codes stored in the memory. This makes administering your access control database so quick and easy.

>Three, Two, One…Delete!

Some of the access control Keypads also boast a “down-counter” allowing selected access control codes to have a limited number of uses.  This is ideal for granting single occasion access control assess, for example to an armed response company, with the access control code automatically deleting itself after use.

>Multi-channel Functionality

Some access control Keypads have more then one functionality, each configurable to either latching or non-latching.

Such functionality caters for many different access control scenarios for example, a motorized gate entrance may be opened fully using one access control code, activate the pedestrian opening using another access control code and switching on the house alarm using a third access control code.

>Secure – Inside and Out

The addition of the optional access control Wireless Keypad maximizes security and ensures that even with the access control keypad mounted outside the property, it cannot be “hot-wired” and the integrity of the site jeopardized.

>Reliable memory backup

Allows the settings and memory to be backed up and be restored later in seconds.

>Wireless Convenience

A wireless access control module makes it easy to install. Operating of batteries and lasting up to two years with up to 3000 operations per day.

Keypad Keypad


You’re here because every time you have to go to the door to turn the key, or let someone in, it costs you valuable time, time you could spend running your business.

Whether you’re a medical facility, retail shop, warehouse, or other concern, a buzz in system is a popular and effective approach to take to avoid the repetitive action of always having to go to the door.

Choosing the right hardware to install for your door, is fundamental to having a safe, reliable, and compliant buzzer setup.

Phone us… So we can save you valuable TIME & MONEY!

Buzzer Lock


>Stand Alone

Device relies on a valid tag or access control card being presented before access is granted, with the ability to selectively add and delete users.  It supports a single channel output with latch or non-latch functionality and the option to provide a secure link with the access point device. Features such as door monitoring with alarm activation which will sound after a predetermined period if the door has been forced or simply left open.

Main features

  • Tag memory
  • Excellent read range
  • Easy programming of user tags
  • Selectively add and delete tags
  • Free-exit input
  • Alarm output for:Optional secure link
    • Door open
    • Door forced
  • Weatherproof reader (surface and flush mount)
  • Optional anti-knock shield for reader

>Networked Proximity

This access control systems offers a really affordable and secure solution for tracking, controlling and monitoring the movement of staff and/or visitors in and out of premises.

Reader network system with a sophisticated PC interface delivering advanced management and reporting capabilities.

By combining two readers, both directions of traffic flow can be controlled through up to 16 doors. Up to seven levels of anti-pass back can also be set up for each individual tag.

Each access control reader provides a potential-free output or secure link via the optional module to activate either a door lock, gate motor, traffic barrier etc.

The “door sense” input on each reader will monitor whether the door has been left open or even forced, activating a local buzzer or triggering an third party alarm.

Most readers are weatherproof with surface and flush-mount options.

Main features

  • 1000 tag memory
  • 13.56Mhz operating frequency
  • Start as stand alone and add up to 31 slave heads
  • Excellent read range
  • Easy programming of user tags, made possible by  three digit LED display
  • Selectively add and delete tags
  • Free-exit input
  • Alarm output for: Door open ; Door forced
  • Optional secure link
  • Back-up memory module
  • Weatherproof reader (surface and flush mount)
  • Optional anti-knock shield for reader


Time and attendance has a direct effect on your companies profitability. It is not unusual to pay staff for being at work when they are absent, or worse, you are paying overtime for staff that left already.

This is costly as your products are not being manufactured and distributed. This expense is being booked to the product, which may increase its selling price and will absolutely have an effect on your profit line one way or another.

Trying to keep track of “who” is clocking for whom is an age-old problem.

Time Attendance Reports can be generated.

The Date & Time is always displayed on the reader so that staff are aware if the arrive late or leave early that this is the time being recorded.

· Preventing one employee clocking for another. (Eliminate Buddy clocking & ghosting)
· No more lost cards.
· Not having to keep spare cards or having to replacing lost cards.
· No more excuses such as “Sorry, I can’t clock, I forgot my finger at home :-)
· Undisputed identification and verification of the person that clocked.
· Ultimate solution for Time & Attendance


Magnetic locks (commonly called mag-locks) are a more and more popular choice among security installers for being simple to install, durable, reliable and very resistant.

A large electro-magnet is mounted on the door frame and a corresponding counter-plate is mounted on the door.

When the magnet is powered and the door is closed, the counter-plate is held fast to the magnet. One must unlock the mag-lock to both enter and leave.

The main advantage of electromagnetic locks is that they are not subject to mechanical stress, which makes them the ideal product for emergency exits in hospitals, malls, universities, laboratories, hotels, car parks, fairs, etc. They can be part of a comprehensive access control system, adapting to all kinds of doors, frames and windows.

In order to satisfy all customers’ needs, we offer a wide range of electromagnetic locks in different sizes, voltages, mounting and holding forces.