Garage Doors

We have a wide variety of garage doors

The garage door is often the largest moving object in a home. Unfortunately many people do not take the time to periodically inspect the garage door. The components of a garage door must be in good working order for the garage door to operate correctly. Servicing your garage door twice a year helps ensure that your garage door is operating at peak performance, and allows you to make minor adjustments before they become big problems. Some parts of the garage door are under extreme tension and should be serviced by professionals like us.Please see our page on proper Garage Door Maintenance

Normal Garage Doors


These are only but a few…

Come see us today to get that special Garage door for you dream home!!! 

Please note the Standard Single & Double Garage Door Sizes…

 Sizes for Single Garage Door are max 2.44w x 2.135h.

Sizes for Double Garage Door are max 4.88w x 2.135h.

Atleast 450mm between Lintle & Ceiling.

Studded Garage Doors



Abso Steel Garage Doors

Double sided steel panels with high density environment friendly polyurethane center    filling for maximum:
+ Noise reduction
+ Increase in thermal properties
+ Wind and drought proof
+ Steel reinforcement for additional panel strength

Steel Sectional garage doors are available in White, oak, walnut, mahogany wood grain finishes & dark dolphin grey,. Also available in custom colours.

Glass Garage Doors

Beautiful Full Glass Garage Door – To make your home stand OUT! Let us help transform your house into an home!

Benefits of Glass Garage Door

  • Safety - View inside your garage.
  • Design – Can be sandblasted to add artistic effect.
  • Low maintenance.

Roll-Up Garage Doors

Need a garage door but your budget is tight? We have wood grain Roll-up garage doors that less expensive but looks beautiful.